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KET Roll to Roll Flying Laser Engraving Machine

KET Roll to Roll Flying Laser Engraver is textile fabrics continuous engraving, Germany 3D dynamic Galvo system, finishing continuous engraving marking in one step “on the fly” mode engraving technology. Suitable for large format fabric, textile, velvet, denim engraving, greatly improving fabric processing quality and added-value. 500W CO2 RF metal laser tube (standard configuration), it have fast processing speed and fine results. Red light positioning device and accurate material feeding.

Now along with customer have high requirement for customized design and non-pollution, we promote our economical engraving machine. Instead of traditional embossing machine, our laser machine no need to do module for each pattern, you can design any pattern in Photoshop, core draw etc. design software, then transmit to our laser software, then laser will engrave accordingly. Also it's very convenient to change the pattern; only several seconds can do it, no need to do another module like embossing machine. As you know, it is very costly to do a new module for embossing machine, different design the cost will different. Also embossing is heat processing, after 200 degrees on the fabric, maybe some pattern will loss by friction. But laser is non-touch processing, it can solve all above problem.

It is Suitable for engraving, marking cutting, punching, hollowing garment fabric, home textile, denim jeans, flannel fabric, suede fabric, cloth, woolen fabric, leather and more flexible textile fabric materials.


KET -1000FLY Roll to Roll Flying Laser Engraver

Laser Generator and  Optic parameters

Laser Type

CO2 RF Metal Laser

Laser Power


Laser Wavelength

10.6 Micro meters

Galvo process area

1600mm * 1600mm

Galvo process speed

0.10000mm/s (defined as the process material and requirement)

Positioning Accuracy


Motion System

Offline mode Servo motor control system, 5-inch LCD screen

Power Supply

AC 380V  3-Phase supply, 50Hz

Software System

Control Software

Rip Original Machine software

Software Format

BMP, AI, DST, DXF, PLT and so on.

Working table parameter

Working table type

Transport conveyer belt

Conveyor table motor

Servo motor

Assistant System

Protection System

Full protection with optic part structure

Control System

Laser 3 Control Card

Cooling System

Constant temperature water chiller 5KW for laser machine

Exhaust System

Fixed Upper exhaust fans (filter system is optional)

Standard Collocation

Auxiliary ladder, Red light positioning, roll to roll feeding and rewinding (Servo system, position correcting device)

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