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Flatbed Screen Inkjet Engraver and Printer

The KET-2400F1/F2 offers the latest Epson DX7 Micro-Piezo print head technology. The single row of print heads with 1440 nozzles prints CMYK at a true grey scale resolution of 1440 dpi, and also use as engraver using black ink, with the latest Epson Dx7 Micro-Piezo print head technology, the KET-2400F1/F2 Series is capable of printing in ultra-fine variable dots from 1 picoliter to 21 picoliter, making this flatbed one of the highest quality Inkjet engraver on the market today. 

The major advantage of this machine is it’s can also work as CMYK printing with Epson Dx7 Micro-Piezo print head using CMYK pigment ink, and else it can be work as Flat Screen Inkjet Engraver using black ink,


Model                                 KET-2400F1                KET-2400F2

Print head                                          EPSON DX5
Resolution                                         1440 dpi
Maximum media width                       1625 mm(63.9 in)
Maximum plot width                           1615 mm (63.6 in)
Maximum plot length    1000mm (39.4 in) 2400mm (94.5 in)
Maximum media thickness  90 mm (3.5 in)
Feed accuracy                   ±0.25 mm moving distance
Right angle accuracy          ± 0.1mm moving distance
Interface                           10/100M Network Interface
Ink                                    Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow or Black /Black / Black / Black                                                         Environment Temperature     20º C to 32º C                                                                                                                                     Humidity                             40% to 60%
Voltage                               AC 220V 
Frequency                           50Hz / ±1Hz
Plotting                               540W
Standby                              190W
Width                                  2222 mm (87.5 in)
Depth                     1568 mm (61.7 in)   3008mm (118.4 in)
Height                                1030 mm (40.6 in)
Weight                                380 kg (836 lb)   450 kg (990 lb)

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