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Rotary UV Laser Engraving Machine


KET Rotary UV laser engraving machine have Integrating several high technologies ,such as 405nm laser diode, fiber dot-matrix, automatic focusing, light-power balancing, constant temperature controlling and so on, it provides  revolutionary  power for finer screen engraving. The new generation of laser engraving machines contains modern UV light sources. These LED light sources are integrated. This improves the stability and the lifetime of the fully encapsulated light source drastically. This is the most efficient method to produce the highest quality rotary screens for textile printing in the market today.

Competitive Advantages:

  1. Noiseless Operations
  2. No Maintainance & Low power consumption
  3. Easy installation and Operatiion
  4. High reliability & superrior Quality
  5. No consumable parts requires like printer head, ink,Dumper etc.




KET 2200R1

KET 3000R1

KET 3500R1

Screen Breadth

2200 mm

3000 mm

3500 mm

Screen Repeat

640 mm (Standard)/ 820 mm/ 914 mm/ 1018 mm


360 dpi / 720 dpi

Registration Accuracy

± 0.02 mm

Imaging Light Source

405 nm Laser Diode

Engraving Speed

12 m²/h (360 dpi) , 6 m²/h (720 dpi)

Acceptable File Format




Working Environment

Temp : 5-40 °C, Humidity: 30-80 % (Non-condensing) Lighting: Yellow Light


2kW/ 220V, 50 Hz

Overall Size

3400X700X1300 mm

4300X700X1300 mm

4800X700X1300 mm


1000 kg

1200 kg

1500 kg

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