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KET-3000W4 S-Mini

KET-3000W4 S-Mini have Mini size AC Drive to save the installation space, this series inverter uses  a simplified vector control technology to achieve extensive application of functional blocks.It meets the requirements for high torque and improves the dynamic response and motor control features by using automatic fully frequency band and output torque compensation.


Power Range

0.4KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW


Main Features


Built-in serial communication interface, using standard Mod-bus communication protocol
Built-in the function of the textile-specific swing band 
Best performance-cost ratio to help customer save the cost
With proportional, integral and differential (PID) control function of the closed-loop control
Built-in the function of the textile-specific swing band. 
Fast current limit (FCL) function, to avoid undue running trip. 
Built-in DC injection braking. 
Acceleration / deceleration ramp features have a programmable smoothing function. 
Overvoltage stall prevention,
Fault and fault query monitoring features. 


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