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KET-3000W4 have High performance current vector AC Drive, it’s variety of specialized models for different industries, e.g. Winding device,CNC machine tools, injection machine, CNC wood veneer peeling lathe machines.


Power Range

0.75KW to 560KW

Equal quality and feature with Emerson EV3000 but much more cost effective,
Drive induction motor / synchronous servo motor / asynchronous servo motor
High performance current vector frequency inverter
Various accessories for different applications: e.g. PG cards, communication cards

Unique current limit technology

Dynamic control of DC-bus technology

Speed tracking function with hardware

Built-in PLC for flexible control

Optimized closed-loop control

Frequency pendulosity function

High-speed pulse output

Droop control

FDT function


Precise self-learning of motor parameter

Precise self-learning of motor parameter

Static mode: Stator/rotor time constant

Dynamic mode: Magnetic flux parameter

The best dynamic control

Optimizing of motor noise and heat

Unique modulation technology, decreasing current harmonics 

Frequency spectrum balance technology, adjusting motor tone

Decrease common-mode voltage, reducing leak current

Carrier wave dynamic adjusting, reducing the temperature

Reducing switching frequency when high-frequency, decreasing the module heat

Optimized Over-modulation technology

Applications needing high frequency and load, with lower Voltage of Power supply 

Increase efficiency of DC-Bus voltage, increase the output voltage

Provide the enough torque output

Decrease output current, reduce the heat

Unique current limit technology 

Load current control in real time, automatic current amplitude limit, strong over-load ability

Instantaneous value / effective value controlled together 

Speed tracking function with hardware

Avoid the speed tracking lost with software, 100% successful

Track the motor speed and direction smoothly and reliably

Instantaneous stop & non-stop

Instantaneous power off, keep the continuous running

Keep the DC-Bus voltage according to electricity generating from the load 

Suitable for applications that need continuous running, e.g. chemical fiber, chemical industry

Preset Length control

Textile / Cable and other similar industry

Feed back the encoder signal through high-speed pulse interface

Automatic length calculation, stop the machine when reach the preset length 

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