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KET Series Soft Starter is new type start-up equipment which integrates electric force and electronic techniques, computer technique and modern control theory. It is the new generation product to replace the conventional Star-delta Star, Self-coupling voltage-drop Starter and Magnetic control voltage-drop Starter.

Features of KET soft starter: 
1. Advanced soft starter type: "voltage control type" and "current limiting type" 
2. Capacity to Motor effectively, so it could save the cost. 
3. Intelligent, digital and single chip control. 
4. Man-machine conversation function. 
5. Delay starting function. Operation current displayed. 
6. Failure self-diagnosis. 
7. Natural wind cooling. Space saving. 
8. Can reduce the starting stress of motor and other loading equipments, so that lengthen their service life. 
9. The function of soft stopping can solve effectively the surging problem of inertia system when stopping. 
10. The perfect and reliable protection features, can give the effective protection to the operator’s safety  as well as the motor and matched equipments. Such over voltage; over current, over load, over heat, short circuit, lower voltage,  input or output phase failure; three phase imbalance, starting time over long protection etc. 
11. The application of intelligent and network technique make the HSS type Soft Starter meet the high-tech development of Electrical force automated technique effectively. 
12. The reliable function and quality is the basic of the best service. even more, we can supply the special designing and functions of product matched to your need ,and ,the timely and perfect application consulting service. 


Model Number: KET-2090

Output power: 90kw

Output Type:: Triple

Output Voltage:: 400v, three phases

Dimension:: 385mm*260mm*241mm

Frequency:: 50Hz/60Hz

Output Current:: 170A

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